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WARNING: Colgate Toothpaste Consists Illegal Cancerous Chemicals

WARNING: Colgate Toothpaste Consists Illegal Cancerous Chemicals

Colgate is the most frequently used toothpaste in the world. But in a research conducted very recently was discovered that Colgate contains a dangerous substance known as Triclosan. This research pointed out that Triclosan encourages the cancer cells growth. All the studies from the previous years indicate the dangers to the health by this chemical.

Triclosan gets through the skin, gets into the blood and intrudes the function of the hormones and causes imbalances. It is found in the urine of around 75 percent of the tested people at age 6 and more.


It can be found in deodorant, hand sanitizers, detergents and if it is used in big amounts it can cause cancer.

Colgate insists on the safety of the product and sells it. But Canada is the only country that has prohibited Triclosan.

Other countries still remain silent about the use of this chemical and might forbid it only if something serious happen, for example as the case with asbestos.

All in all, it is left on us to choose what to consume and what not to.



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