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Transform Your Body In No Time With These 5 Everyday Exercises

Transform Your Body In No Time With These 5 Everyday Exercises

We are always on a look out for some great exercises that can help up shape our bodies and stay in shape. The truth is that exercise alone in not enough, we must eat healthy and get enough sleep regularly. Here are 7 daily workouts that can shape the body you`ve always wanted.

Jumping Rope

This is an easy and cheap workout that you can do almost anywhere. This exercise burns more calories per minute that any other activity out there. What most important jumping rope can bring plenty of fun especially if you can do it with your kids. In this way you are burning calories while spending quality time with your family. If you take it up a notch you can also do a highly effective cardio session and do some intense workout.



Squats are actually a full body exercises that works out more muscle groups in the same time. Other than burning calories, squats can help in toning your glutes and strengthening the whole body. If you want better results try doing jumping squats or use dumbbells to increase the resistance. Sitting all day can be a serious health hazard so why not do a couple of squats while watching your favorite TV show.



Since pushups are harder to do many people try to avoid them. I know they are hard to do but in return they will do wonders for your body. In order to mix things up and keep it interesting try doing pushups that work the different muscles in the arm and shoulders.

Keep in mind that they also work the core of the body. You should know that they are excellent for your cardiovascular health and your posture as well. Just make sure you do the correctly with your back straight.



Lunges can give amazing results because they help tone the muscles in our legs individually and sculpting as well as building other muscle groups. They can be a highly effective workout especially if you mix it up with weights and some jump lunges. I know they can be difficult to do or even boring but believe me it will e worth it when you see the results. Doing a session of 3 sets of 10 lunges a day is all you need.



A good old fashion running can transform your body like nothing else and help tremendously to relive stress, reduce depression, improve the heart health and burn some major calories. What’s most important doing your daily dose of miles can give you a great sense of accomplishment and improve your overall health. It’s one of the best exercises you can do every day and keep your mind and body in shape.



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