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The Most Amazing Healing Powers of Onions

The Most Amazing Healing Powers of Onions
The Healing Powers of Onion

There are tons of scientific studies and data that proves how highly health-protective the onion can be. It enhances the immune functions of our body, protects the cardiovascular system, fights tumors, promotes hormone function, lowers cholesterol, enhances blood vessels elasticity and maintains healthy blood pressure. In recent studies onion also helps in fighting cancer and acts as a significant risk-reducing food.

The medical properties of onion:

Because onion is rich with flavonoid Quercetin it acts as a very powerful antioxidant, anti-cholesterol, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In the bulb closest to the root and the outer rings nearest to the skin is where you`ll find the highest concentration of Quercetin.

Here is how to use the powerful healing properties of onion in different health-troubling situations:

Onion Vs Cold

Onion has been used for treating cold for centuries. At the first sign of cold eat a whole raw onion or boil one and drink it as tea along with some ginger and honey.

Onion Vs Fever

Here is one of the most used onion recipe that will lower down your body temperature within an hour:

  • Chop some onions along with potatoes and garlic, mix well and put them in a pair of socks
  • After you put them on your feet get in bed
  • Also put a soaked apple cider vinegar cloth on your forehead

Onion Vs Cough

  • Take one large onion, peel it and cut it in half
  • Put ½ tblsp brown sugar on the top of both halves
  • After you let it sit for an hour hollow up the syrupy-like content
  • Consume twice a day

Also, you can make a juice from mixing honey and onion.

Onion Vs Earache and Wax Build Up

If you are suffering from constant earache or you have problems with ear wax build up, cut  a slice from the heart of the onion and simply put it in your ear. As we mentioned earlier because of its anti-inflammatory properties the onion will manage to relive you from your pain and soften the ear wax for a quicker removal.

The Healing Powers of Onion

Onion Vs Eye Irritant

Simply cut an onion to get those tears going which will ease the irritant out of your eye. Just remember NOT TO rub your eyes because you`ll make things worse.

Onion VS Cuts

A piece of onion has proven to be effective in cleaning small wounds (cuts) and preventing infection. After the cut is clean place some onion skin on top and seal it. The bleeding should stop quickly. For more serious wounds ask for medical assistance.

Onion Vs Infection

Here is how to make an onion based paste that will draw out infection:

  •  Pour boiled milk onto a thick slice of white bread
  • On the top of the bread grate one whole onion and mash it all into a paste
  • After you clean the infected area place the paste onto it and make sure it hardens well in order to pull the infection out.

Make sure you don`t break the link (seal). After a couple of hours the infection will start to come out. Clan the wound and repeat the process twice a day or until the infection completely disappears.

Onion Vs Burn

Slice one onion in half and apply it directly to the burn for 2 minutes. After you fell pain relieve whip up some egg whites and apply them to the area letting it dry so a protective barrier can be created. Afterwards cover it with clean gauze bandage. If necessary clean and replace the bandage.

Onion Vs Bee Sting and Insect Bites

After you remove the stinger cover the bite with a crushed white onion. Because  of its anti-inflammatory properties the swelling will start to come down. Note: If you have an allergic reaction please seek medical help or treatment.

Source: Healthy Food Team


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