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Protect Yourself From Radiation. 4 Safe and Simple Ways to Use Your Cell Phone

Protect Yourself From Radiation. 4 Safe and Simple Ways to Use Your Cell Phone
Protect yourselves from cell phone radiation

Just reading the headline might give you some mixed feelings and you`ll start to think that it’s time for you to put down your cell phone for a while. The people from South Florida has taken this matter to a level that the city of Pembroke Pines has passed a resolution  for protecting its citizens from cell phone radiation because it might cause cancer. This has encouraged everyone to pay more attention and practice safer cell phone usage.

In addition, there is also a good amount of research that puts an accent on cell phone radiation and its potential to be hazardous. Even the World Health Organization has declared it as a possible carcinogen. In 2011 a study in the American Journal of Medicine states that 50 minutes of cell phone usage causes excessive brain activity in closest areas to the phone.

According to the National Cancer Institute cell phones emit radio waves that can be absorbed by our tissue closest to the phone. Gittleman says that even the slightest exposure to radiation has been proven to cause damage to cellular DNA which often leads to mutation than has the potential to cause cancer. Studies have also shown that even low-level radiofrequency exposures trigger the body to create heat stress proteins.

Even though more research is needed on this matter it doesn’t hurt or cost anything to be on the safe side.

All said here a Gittleman’s 4 safe and simple ways to protect yourselves from cell phone radiation:

Keep it Away From Your Head

Keeping your phone just 2 inches away from your body (ear) is enough to reduced the strength of its signal by 1/4 . At 4 inches the strength is only 1/16 strong. So besides this simple practice she also recommends texting when possible or the use of speakerphone as well as a bluetooth headset.

Keep your cell phone away from your head

Place Calls Strategically

The exposure to cell phone radiation is strongest when the battery is low, when you`re traveling at high speeds (by train or car) or when the signal is week. This means that your phone is working harder as possible thus emitting maximum radiation. The solution is very simple – wait to make a call!

Cell phone battery low

Throw it In Your Bag or Briefcase

Another way to lower the risk of exposure is to avoid caring your phone in your pocket and use whatever is in hand. This especially applies to men because according to some recent research men who carried cell phones in pockets had lower sperm count by 25% from those who didn`t.

Throw your cell phone bag or briefcase

Purchase a Pong

This and similar types of accessories are proven to reduce the exposure to radiation without weakening the cell signal. Its purpose is to use and embedded antenna that can redirect and redistribute  the radiation away from our body, especially the head.

Cell phone pong


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