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How the Famous Author Ann Cameron Beat Cancer With Carrot Juice Regimen

How the Famous Author Ann Cameron Beat Cancer With Carrot Juice Regimen
Carrot juice for fighting cancer

This is an inspiring story about someone who defeated cancer in a natural way without taking any medicaments. Thanks to carrot juice, Ann Cameron is cancer-free and alive today.

After being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer,  Ann had surgery on 6th June 2012 and she was supposed to undergo chemotherapy, but she refused as she felt better after the surgery. Unfortunately, after six months, the results of the CT scan showed she probably had lung cancer. She was told by the doctors that she had at most three years to live and even chemotherapy won’t help this time.

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Carrot juice for fighting cancer

The Carrot Juice Treatment

Being extremely upset Ann started looking for alternative solutions for her disease. Luckily, she received a letter from Ralph Cole from California who claimed that he was cured from cancer by drinking carrot juice regularly every day.

Ann thought she had nothing to lose and decided to take Cole’s advice and start drinking carrot juice. She didn’t change her everyday diet but she added a cup of carrot juice made of 5 pounds of carrots. Ten days after she started drinking the juice she had a PET scan which showed that she had two tumors in her lungs and swollen lymph nodules.

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Carrot Juice

No other treatment

Ann was advised to undergo chemotherapy after the surgical treatment of her colon cancer but she refused it knowing the bad side effects of the radiation. Surprisingly, she was right. Even if she accepted the treatment with the chemo, the carrots juice wouldn’t have harmed her as they appeared to be compatible with radiation.

After 8 weeks of drinking the carrot juice she had another CT scan which showed that the tumors got smaller, there were fewer nodules and the tumor didn’t grow. The CT scan results encouraged her to continue drinking carrots juice for the next 6 months. She continued checking her health state by making CT scans regularly and she felt better and better. After a year of drinking carrots juice every day the cancer was gone.

The explanation is that carrots contain carotene which prevents the growth of tumor cells and the carrots juice contains fatty alcohol and anti cancer properties.

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