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Here Is How To Tone Your Arms In 5 Minutes Without Using Any Equipment

Here Is How To Tone Your Arms In 5 Minutes Without Using Any Equipment
How to Tone Your Arms

We understand that sometimes you don`t have the time or motivation to storm the gym, but luckily Jasmine Graham (the founder of Peace for Success) has shared strong arm workouts that will show you how to tone your arms without touching a weight.

As we said each exercise takes only one full minute, but you can repeat them if you like as you get stronger. Here we go!

1. Wall Push-Ups

This might sound simple, but push-ups are no joke. That`s why you should start with wall push-ups that will allow you to adjust the level of difficulty.

Stand with your face about six inches from the wall and place your hands (shoulder width) on the wall. The next step is to step back as far as you can with your both feet touching the floor. Don`t forget to inhale as you go towards the wall, exhale as you push away and always keep you glutes tucked.

If the push-ups are too difficult than bring your feet closer to the wall to a point where you feel most comfortable.

2. Floor Dips

I`m sure those of you who are no strangers to working out now about chair dips, but according to Graham people tend to lift up too high which turns this exercise into more a pelvic thrust. It`s much easier to watch your form if you do them on the floor.

Sit on the floor, knees bent with your fingers and feet facing towards. The key is to lift your pelvis up until your body gets into a reverse tabletop position. By lowering your body down almost all of your weight rests on your triceps. Always keep your butt off the floor so your arm muscles stay active as much as possible.

3. Half Circle Arm Rotations

I guess you are all familiar with arm circles because you probably had to do them in gym class, but that same movement only in half-circle rotations works extraordinarily well for your arms.

Hold your arms parallel to the floor while standing with your feet hip-width apart. Cup both hands and rotate your whole arms forward in a half circle motion until you get from facing forward to facing behind and then continue in the same pattern back into your original starting position. For maximum engagement always keep your elbows locked and rotate as fast as you can.

4. Weight-Free Rows

You should know that just making a tight fist will activate the muscles of your hand enough for a decent workout. These types of exercises are usually done with a dumbbell, but this time all you need is your fists.

Bend just a little bit forward, bend your elbows at your sides and create a rowing motion by pulling your arms back, but without unbending at the elbow. This exercise activates the biceps and triceps in the same time as well as your upper back muscles.

For maximum results, make sure you keep your arms close to the sides.

5. X Jumps

With this exercise we are bringing a cardio workout into the mix which will allow you to release your inner cheerleader.

Stand shoulder width apart, arms at your side and your feet spread put. While jumping move your arm over your hands so that you form the letter “X” right when you reach the highest point of your jump. We recommend bending your knees slightly as you land just enough to soften the landing.

As we said each of these workouts can be done in one minute, but as you progress and get the hang of it try doing as much as you can.


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