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Follow These Simple Advices and Learn How to Reduce Your Risk of Stroke

Follow These Simple Advices and Learn How to Reduce Your Risk of Stroke
Healthy eating habits for reducing heart stroke

The sad truth is that heart strokes are no longer a disease of older people because there is a constant rise in the number of cases among much younger population. Many researches show that at least half could be prevented by simple lifestyle changes, increased awareness and regular blood pressure monitoring.

Here are simple advices that will help you to reduce your risk of stroke:

  • Turn your focus towards balanced diet
    Start eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, low fat dairy, fibre-rich food, lean red meat, lots of fish (possibly rich with omega-3 acid), tofu, eggs and seeds.
  • Be aware of your weight and always reach to maintain a healthy weight-height ratio
    If you need some help there are many online calculators which can help you find your ideal weight , or simple talk to your doctor I`m sure he can help you out.
  • Eat a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables per day
    By doing so you are lowering the risk of stroke by 30%, you are protecting your arteries from damage and in the same time your blood pressure and blood cholesterol is under control.
  • Replace your white processed carbs with wholegrains
    Try including wholewheat pasta and brown rice in your everyday meals because studies show that eating plenty of wholegrains can cut the risk of stroke by 30–36%.
  • Take it easy on salt
    Too much salt will definitely increase the chances of high blood pressure and that`s why the experts recommend only 6g salt per day.
  • At least one portion of omega-3 rich fish (like salmon) per week.
    Like we said omega-3 fats will help you lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Cut down on trans fats and saturates.
    Avoiding fried and fatty foods will help in controlling your blood cholesterol. So always use small amounts of rapeseed oil or monounsaturated-rich olive when cooking.
  • Use a healthy portion guide so you know exactly the size of your meal

Healthy eating habits for reducing heart stroke



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