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The Most Common Cause of Brest Cancer And What Should You Do To Protect Yourself

The Most Common Cause of Brest Cancer And What Should You Do To Protect Yourself

First of all, let us point the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

Deodorant permits sweet, but smoothers the bad smell and on the other hand antiperspirants contain cancer-causing chemicals that avert sweating by clogging the pores. But we all continue to use them because we think we will affront the people around us. I get that people think that deodorant is safer than the antiperspirant, but the truth is they both have negative effects on our wellbeing.

Sweating is actually our body`s way of telling us that it needs  to cool off and hindering the pores is not beneficial at all. Many antiperspirants contain dangerous compounds (e.g., aluminum) which are a source for many different severe illnesses. The aluminum is assimilated through the skin and then goes directly into the circulatory system.


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There are many studies out there that have linked the use of antiperspirants with breast cancer. In fact, there are also evidences of higher risk when the antiperspirant is utilized quickly in the wake of showering or shaving when our pores are widely open.  It’s no secret that numerous antiperspirants contain parabens chemicals which are closely linked to breast cancer.

So what can you do to protect yourselves? The answer is simple – Don`t use them! I think it`s time we let go of our “cosmetic giants”. Just Google the internet and I`m certain you`ll find many Eco beautifiers that can help which are made from Mother Nature’s best ingredients.


P.S. You can always DIY, it`s easier than you think.


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