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9 Delicious Bread-less Sandwiches Ideas

9 Delicious Bread-less Sandwiches Ideas
Paleo sweet potato buns

Today the number of people that have sworn off bread (and for good reasons) is highest ever and constantly growing. If you are not able to fuel your body with healthy ingredients (expect if you are not baking it yourself) than what`s the point of eating it. Well for those of you who fell the same way here`s some good news. There are ways for you to enjoy in your favorite dishes without the worry of finding bread that`s good for your body and doesn’t make you feel awful.

Once you try at least one of these delicious bread-less sandwiches you`ll totally forget about your bread obsession. Enjoy!

Grilled Salmon Lettuce Wraps

Grilled salmon lettuce wraps

Red Bell Pepper Sandwich

Red bell pepper sandwich

Paleo Sweet Potato Buns

Paleo sweet potato buns

Grilled Eggplant Sandwich

Grilled eggplant sandwich

Gluten Free Tapioca Wraps

Gluten free tapioca wraps

Plantain Tortillas

Plantain tortillas

Cucumber Subs

Cucumber subs

Tomato Avocado Burgers

Tomato avocado burgers

Portobello Halloumi Burgers

Portobello halloumi burgers


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