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7 Indoor Plants That Act Like Natural Filters and Detoxify the Air

7 Indoor Plants That Act Like Natural Filters and Detoxify the Air

Believe it or not you can get sick just by staying inside your house and indoor pollution can be a big, big health problem. The most common in-house pollutants come as by-products of solvents, combustion and dust particles.

Lucky for you with some small adjustments you can make all the difference.

But, first things first:

Ditch the Air Fresheners ASAP

Why? It`s simple, there are no SAFE air fresheners! Many of them contain chemicals which were not assessed for safety.  Having something in your home without even knowing what`s inside is a red flag. Also, according to the EPA air fresheners contain nasty stuff like aerosol propellants, p- dichlorobenzene and formaldehyde, petroleum distillates.

Here are 7 Indoor Plants that can turn your home into a natural oasis…

1. Peace Lily

Peace Lily will help you get rid of VOC benzene which is actually a carcinogen commonly found in furniture wax, polishes and paints and also clear the air from acetone usually emitted by electronics.

WARNING: Peace Lily can be poisonous to pets!

Peace Lily

2. Lady Palm

This plant is a sworn enemy to ammonia, a major ingredient found in cleaners dyes and textiles that attack sour respiratory system.  It`s easy to grow and it`s patterned leaves are very decorative.

Lady Palm

3. Snake Plant

Also know as mother-in-law’s tongue this snake-like plant absorbs carbon dioxide, releases oxygen and gets rid of benzene and formaldehyde.

Snake Plant

4. Golden Pothos

This is a very flexible plant which can be placed almost everywhere like in a hanging basket or a pot. Its decorative green leaves with golden streaks also make it a very decorative addition to your home.

Golden Pothos tackles formaldehyde and helps get rid of benzene and carbon monoxide.

Golden Pothos

5. Wax Begonia

Although this plant acquires some attention like a nice spot with lots of sunlight, it`s colorful flowers can be very rewarding. Besides making your home look prettier they will filter out benzene and other chemicals found in adhesives and waxes.

Wax Begonia

6. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant reproduces quickly and grows long which makes it perfect for a hanging basket. It’s better to keep it close to a window with lots of sunlight so your home can be benzene and formaldehyde free.

Spider Plant

7. English Ivy

This charming plant is perfect for small places and also needs very little sunlight.
The English Ivy attacks the most prevalent indoor pollutant, formaldehyde, commonly found in wood floorboards resins and carpet dyes.

English Ivy


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