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7 Brilliant Ways to Eat Better Food and Stay Healthy at Work

7 Brilliant Ways to Eat Better Food and Stay Healthy at Work
How to Eat Eat Better Food and Stay Healthier at Work

We spent almost have of our lives at work, maybe even more, so making healthier food choices at the office is essential to our health. Thanks to these easy tips eating healthy at work will become an easy task.

1. BYO Salad

According to Brian Wansink from Cornell`s Food & Brand Lab we generally pack our lunch at home when we`re full, usually after dinner the day of. What this means is that we tend to make much healthier food decisions when we have already eaten. Preparing our work meal when in hurry or hungry, usually leads to unhealthier choices of food.

BYO Salad

2. Avoid Eating on Your Desk, Anywhere Else is Fine

The truth is that when we desk-eat we tend to reward ourselves later with some extra snack or food for working thorough our lunch hour. You`ll have to give up the feeling of an office rockstar and eat your meal anywhere else rather than at your computer. Outside would be an ideal place but your conference or break room will do just fine.

Avoid Eating on Your Desk

3. Fill 15 Minutes

Sometimes ignoring your co-worker birthday cake makes you want it even more. A study from University of Exteter has revealed that people who had a small taste of desired food (or snack) and then distracted themselves by diving into a project, talking with their co-workers or making a simple phone call for 15 minutes distracted them from felling the need to indulge more.

Fill 15 Minutes

4. Less Coffee More Water

Replace your cup of java with a bottle of water. People who drank at least two cups of water before a meal tend to lose an average of 15 pounds inless than two weeks time. “Our brain tends to confuse the slightest dehydration with feelings of hunger which tend to lead in eating unnecessary calories” – says Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN.

Less Coffee More Water at Work

5. Grab a Handful of Pistachios

Pistachuis are always a better choice than something from the vending machine and tend to fuel our system longer. If you compare them to any other nut you`ll find that they provide more to snack. In fact forty-nine pistachios contain around 160 calories, 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.


6. Bring Flowers, Not Cake

Try to make all promotions, work wins, holidays and birthday less food-centric. All these occasions are very important so try to create n office culture that doesn’t evolve cupcakes, cakes and donuts. In fact maybe the way is to plan active events to celebrate a certain work event rather than a feast.

Bring Flowers

7. Don`t Even Think About the Candy Dish

Every work place always has some kind of candy bowl and walking by it tends to drag you into temptation. The farther you are from it the better. If needed take the long way around it.

If you have a trick of your own of how to eat healthier at work feel free to share it in the comment section bellow!

Candy Dish


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