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6 “Home Friendly” Products That are Actually Cancer Causers

6 “Home Friendly” Products That are Actually Cancer Causers
Toxic Air Fresheners

Things have changed so much in the past year that even our homes are not that safe as they use to be. A lot of rumor has been circling around about the infamous formaldehyde, nitrobenzene and methylene chloride – all carcinogens substances found in items we use every day.

These items may seem harmless but actually they can cause a lot of health problems so make the effort to get rid of them and turn your home into a cancer-free healthy environment for you and your family.

1. Air Fresheners

Volatile organic compounds, toxins like phthalate esters are found in many fresheners formulas and that`s why they are considered carcinogens. A study of 13 common households conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has discovered that most of the surveyed products (air fresheners) contain dangerous chemicals that can have serious affect on the reproductive development and contain chemicals that can aggravate asthma.

Also in 2008 Anne Steinemann (from the University of Washington) found that all air-fresheners contained chemicals that are proven to be toxic and dangerous to our health under federal laws, carcinogens included. What`s scary is that none of these chemicals were actually listed on the product labels! So, we highly recommend you try using natural fragrances from essential oils.

Toxic Air Fresheners

2. Candles

40% of all candles on the market have lead wires inside their wick – U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). A large number of scented candles contain lead wick which manufactures tend to make them firmer because fragrance oils soften the wax. This means that a single candle with this kind of lead-core wick can release 5 times the amount of lead which makes them extremely hazardous (especially for children) and exceeds the pollution standards stated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As we well know high amounts of lead may lead to hormone disruption, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and other health problems.


3. Art Supplies

Chemicals linked to allergies, cancer and organ damage are often linked with certain art supplies like rubber, Epoxy, glues, paints and solvents.
Because of their higher metabolism and immature immune system, children are most vulnerable to these substances. So the best thing is to do a little research and find materials that are eco friendly and nontoxic.

Art Supplies

4. Shampoos

I know it sound unlikely but many conventional shampoos contain toxic ingredients. What’s even more unlikely, their effects on the human body is still being researched, therefore there isn`t a scientific consensus yet on the subject whether they can cause cancer or not. For those of you, who want to be on the safe side, just in case, use any of the myriad of handmade shampoo bars, by Etsy.


5. Antiperspirants

There are many cases and studies than have shown that most of the conventional deodorants and antiperspirants we use contain ingredients closely link to virulent cancers. In essence they are designed so our body can absorb them, thus allowing the potential absorption of dangerous chemicals through the skin. Also there were strong internet rumors that antiperspirants are the leading cause of breast cancer.


6. Shower curtains

Volatile organic chemicals or VOCs are harmful materials found in plastic shower curtains that leach toxic chemicals not only into our shower and bath, but also into the environment as well. One thing is for sure, PVC vinyl shower curtains definitely impact our health.

Shower curtains


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