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6 Bedtime Hacks That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast

6 Bedtime Hacks That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast

Everybody makes a fuss when it comes to losing weight, but if you do it the smart way it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Sometimes all it takes is changing some simple habits and the results will come naturally.

One of the most effective times to make these change is every night before you go to bed. By making these changes at night you will also set the tone for the next day.

Here are 6 bedtime habits that can help…

1. No Eating After 7PM

As you know we usually crave snack in the evening and they are usually eat so-called comfort foods that don`1t have any nutrition value and are full of empty calories. Often a little snack leads to a full meal and you`ll end up with extra weigh and a bloated belly the next morning.

If you`re serious in losing some weight make sure your last meal is before 7PM or at least 3 hours before you go to bad.

Low-calorie foods like fish, chicken and turkey is what you should be eating so stay away from fast foods.


2. Try To Have Some “Me” Time

It`s all about keeping those stress levels as low as possible so you don`t crave foe comfort foods. You don`t have to become a yoga master, but try to find something that you enjoy doing to keep you relaxed.

Sometimes even a simple thing like a nice hot bath, can do the trick.


3. Drink Warm Milk Before Bed

Drinking warm milk before going to bed it`s not limited to kids only.

Milk contains a protein called casein which helps building and even more important sustaining lean muscle. It will also boos your metabolism which means you`ll burn more calories. Also, drinking milk before bed will keep you full until breakfast.


4. Adjust Your Room Lightning

Your bedroom needs to be as dark as possible so your body can produce melatonin, a very important sleep production hormone.

Studies have shown that people who go to bed in dark rooms are less likely to gain some extra weight compared to those who sleep with lights on.
If nothing else try to use a sleep mask which blocks out light.


5. Make Sure You Always Prepare Your Snacks And Lunches

How many times you`ve said to yourself that you`ll start eating right from tomorrow on?

The next day your work is stressing you out, you fell hungry, don`t have enough time, so you`ll grab a burger and worry about dieting tomorrow. It`s so easy to get caught in this circle that turns into a week, a month and sometimes into years. This always happens in our weakest moments when we are stressed out.

The solution is very simple, prepare your food the day before so you`ll eat healthy the next day.


6. Get On A Good Meal Plan

Try not to leave breakfast and dinner to chance and find a good, proper meal plan to keep you on track. Try planning your weekly meals every Sunday and make sure you visit your grocery store to find the proper ingredients that will help you on your weight-loss journey



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