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5 FoodsThat Will Help You Say Goodbye to Cancer and Chemotherapy

5 FoodsThat Will Help You Say Goodbye to Cancer and Chemotherapy

Meals that consist of various vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes can help reduce the risk of developing many types of cancer, according to scientists from the American Institute for Cancer Research. In laboratory studies, a lot of minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals show anticancer activity, but evidence suggests that the only coherent synergy of the compounds in the diet is effective.

According to the report of the institute, excess body fat increases the risk of cancers for 10% (inter alia pancreas, esophagus, kidney and prostate), while vegetables and fruits in the diet are recommended because it helps us to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Whole grains and beans are rich in dietary fiber and containing a moderate dose of calories, and are also useful in the control of body weight.

Therefore, scientists recommend that at least two-thirds of the plate filled with vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and, third, even less than that, animal proteins (meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products). Likewise, publish a list of foods that, according to many studies, can have a positive effect in the prevention of various cancers, and the list is constantly updated based on new information.

Here are 5 foods that will help you say goodby to cancer and chemotherapy

1. Blueberry

What does the research say?

Laboratory studies have shown that vitamin C from Blueberry protects DNA cells, captures free radicals and prevents the formation of carcinogenic substances.It is an excellent source of flavonoids, in particular, anthocyanins, which has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and maintains blood vessel walls elastic. Anthocyanin, a water-soluble pigment that gives blueberries beautiful purple color, reduces growth and promotes self-destruction of cancer cells mouth, breast, colon and prostate.

Animal studies have shown that blueberries reduce the inflammatory cytokines blueberries, esophageal cancer and precancerous lesions in the colon, and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Also, dietary fiber, which abounds, reduce exposure to carcinogens cells, and healthy bacteria from the intestine use substances from blueberries to produce short-chain fatty acids that protect cells of the colon. Most human studies show that people who eat more blueberries have a lower risk of several types of cancer.

Valuable ingredients

Blueberries are an excellent source of vitamins C and K, and a good source of dietary fiber. It is believed that among the fruits, the blueberries have the highest antioxidant power, mainly due to its numerous phytochemicals:

• Anthocyanins, catechins, quercetin and other flavonoids

• Ellagic acid, which has anti-cancer properties that can retard the growth and spread of cancer cells.


Mix only the blueberries or with other fruits in a fine creamy smoothie, which can be frozen, and eat it as ice cream. For breakfast or snack, you can mix them in yogurt, in which you add a spoonful of whole grains.


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