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3 Crucial Reason Why 90% Of All Diets Lead To Weight Gain

3 Crucial Reason Why 90% Of All Diets Lead To Weight Gain

We live in a time when appearance is everything. There are tons of different food regimes out there that attract many people who desperately want to drop a few pounds fast. Since success is not always guaranteed, analyzes have confirmed that 90% of all diets lead to serious weight gain. Here are 3 crucial reason why…

Reason Nr. 1: The Digestive System

It`s simple really. The feeling of gastric fullness is a disorder that leads to eating more. A certain diet that helps losing weight has no effect whatsoever on their feeling of satiety. After the diet the obese always regain their former weight. In some cases the stomach struggles not to go back to its previous size and continues to require more food in order to fill the emptiness. Also the presence of a hormone known as leptin makes it hard for every overweight person to feel full.


Reason Nr. 2: Stress

Since almost all diets involve deprivation (of specific foods or quantity) it always results in additional stress. During the diet the body spends fewer calories and after the diet ends it continues in the same manner. So, the unnecessary calories are always stored as fat. The fear of gaining weight again (nervous obesity) can also be a huge problem.


Reason Nr. 3: A Delicate Psychological State

After completing the diet many people fall into a mental state known as hyper food control. They felt deprived and fear every food considered as “too much calories”. Sometimes the hardest thing is to apply self-discipline, so it’s recommendable to follow a dietician. Feeling guilty in many cases will strengthen the need to eat more.


That’s why many experts recommend sports as a way to maintain the balance between energy intake and calorie consumption. It`s also recommended yo involve a professional nutritionist that can guide us through the whole process.


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