Health is King!

24 Amazing Diagrams That Will Help You Live Healthier and Happier Life!

24 Amazing Diagrams That Will Help You Live Healthier and Happier Life!
24 diagrams

1. How to eat your fill of fruit

What one seving of fruit really looks like

2. How to prepare quick and healthy dinners

5 minute dinners

3. How to eat Paleo food

What is paleo

4. How to pick the perfect avocado

Pick the perfect avocado

5. How to blend the perfect smoothie of your dreams

How to build the perfect smoothie

6. How to make the simplest smoothies

3-ingredients smotthie recipes

7. How to pack the perfect Mason Jar Salad

Mason jar salad

8. How to brew the perfect cup of tea

Hoe to brew an excelent cup of tea

9. How to make the most delicious healthy soups

10 easy homemade soups

10. How to make a super simple DIY salad dressing

Make a salad dressing

11. How to cook healthy for one person

The ultimate healthy grocery list for one

12. How to cook the healthiest grains

How to cook grains

13. How to estimate portion sizes

Hand guide to portion control

14. How vegetarians can get more proteins

12 vegetarian proteins to add to your meals

15. How to spot added sugar in your food

56 different names for sugar

16. How to get your nuts straight

What 200 calories looks like


17. Hot to choose the best veggies

Science says that romaine beats kale

18. How to make homemade exciting hummus flavors

The definitive guide to homemade hummus

19. How to marinate your meat the right way

Marinating times

20. How to find healthy recipe substitutions

Healthy recepie substitutions

21. How to make mix-and-match salad combos

30 mix-and-match salad combos

22. How to eat all the vitamins you need

Eating all your vitamins

23. How to remember all your superfoods

Superfood from A to Z

24. How to store all your healthy foods

How to store your groceries


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