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13 Fast And Easy Ways To Drop Weight Fast

13 Fast And Easy Ways To Drop Weight Fast

1. Skip the Salty Shelves at Your Local Supermarket

Say goodbye to your favorite bag of chips or sweet candy bar. Don`t give in to your routine of going into the store to get it. Resist your carvings for the first week or two and you should be fine.

2. Eat a 300 calorie breakfast

Start your day with 300 calories of healthy proteins and whole rains. This means more energy and less snacks to get you through the day.

3. Quit Smoking

Usually one bad habit attracts another one so kick in out and join your local gym. You`ll drop weight fast and fell better and most important be healthier.

4. Do 5-10 minutes workouts

Try to fit some kind of useful exercises like jumping jack, crunches or abs. I usually do them during TV commercials. You are doing yourself a favor by burning calories and not munching too much in front of the TV.

5. Change your after work routine

Instead of grabbing deep-fried after work dinner and nights out, try going for long walks and do some running at your local track if possible.

6. Get Motivated

For example, load your smart phone or iPod with energizing music for longer and more efficient workouts. Great music can make you look forward to hitting the gym.

7. Throw some veggie on it

Adding vegetables to your favorite dishes like pizza and replacing pepperoni with green papers for example can make a lot of difference. In short time you will no longer feel the need or have room for things like chips or high-calorie desserts.

8. Purge your fridge

Replace any “bad habit” food like ice cream with low calorie snacks such as sunflower seed or cereals. Replace any soda with plain water and add some fruit to the mix.

9. Run Forrest run!

If you want to fit into your skinny jeans again than you better run your butt off! 20 minutes per day is all you need to lose that extra weight.

10. More room for your favorite desert

If you develop a habit of eating healthier snacks like carrots or hummus, you`ll have more room in you calorie department for your sweet piece of chocolate and a glass of your favorite wine.

12. No Nighttime Fridge Raids!

Stop eating over 7:00 p.m. Most of the food you ate at night was junk food anyway!

13. Get into yoga

You will double your benefits by doing yoga – more control over your hunger cues and healthier more flexible body and more opened mind.


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